Current Advocates

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Thank you for your dedication and service to the children of New Orleans! Remember that the most basic requirements for advocacy are visiting your case child at least once every 30 days and writing court reports. If those two things are not occurring, then we are not advocating for the best interest of that child. We know how much hard work goes into being an Advocate, so here are some tools to help you.

Visits with your case child and other collaterals are to be logged into Optima within 72 hours of contact. We’ve created an Optima 101  handbook to cover the basics of use (email Betsy for a copy), but you can always contact staff if you have difficulties.

Email Court Reports to your Advocate Supervisor ten days before the court date. Here is a blank Court Report template and here is a Court Report template with Questions. As you prepare for court, this Court Preparation and Testifying guide outlines the questions you should to be able to answer.

As you work through your case it is helpful to follow a CASA Action Plan (CAP). Here is the basic permanency planning CAP template. If your child’s current case plan is adoption, use the CAP Adoption template. Feeling “stuck?” This Volunteer Responsibilities Checklist provides an outline of what you need to do to work your case.

One of the best ways to work in the best interest of a child is to build a team around them. Here is a list of Community Resources to get you started.